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Welcome to the website of the World Interreligious Center.

The World Interreligious Center is an Interreligious association of an international nature that, based on the principles of human solidarity and peace among the different peoples of the Earth, serves in the area of culture, social welfare and the protection and enhancement of the environment.

The World Interreligious Center – formerly the World Ecumenical Center– was founded in 1999, on the occasion of The First World Conference for the Peace and Welfare of Peoples, organized at the historic Monastery of Sargiano (Arezzo) by the international non-profit organization Man Center, with the aim of continuing the valuable, indispensable activities, outlined in the course of the Conference, of promoting a real situation of peace and welfare among the peoples of the whole world.

On that occasion, Pier Franco Marcenaro, a former Director of a major International Group and a successful humanist writer translated into ten languages, being long committed to world peace, was unanimously elected as the President of the World Interreligious Center.

The World Interreligious Center comprises representatives from different countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.

The World Interreligious Center still collaborates with Man Center in its main activities of promoting dialog between cultures and religions.

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