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The World Interreligious Center contributes, together with the International Non-Profit Organization Man Center, to awarding the Triennial "Art, Science and Peace" Prize to a personality who is distinguished for his or her work in favor of peace and the welfare of humankind.

Prize winners to date have been:

  • 2002: the writer and essayist Fernanda Pivano "for her translation and dissemination of the great North American pacifist writers and for her work in favor of peace carried on for decades among the younger generations."

    Art, Science and Peace Prize 2002

    Pier Franco Marcenaro gives the Prize to Fernanda Pivano

  • 2005: the Director Franco Zeffirelli "for his directing of the film Jesus of Nazareth, Brother Sun and Sister Moon and Romeo and Juliet, which have spread a message of peace and unity throughout the world."

    Art, Science and Peace Prize 2005

  • 2012: Professor Umberto Veronesi "for having relieved the suffering of many human beings and spread elevated human, civil and social values."

  • 2015: the tenor Andrea Bocelli "for having given listeners around the world the gift of joy with his enchanting voice, beyond all barriers of ethnicity, nationality or religion."

    Art, Science and Peace Prize 2015

    Pier Franco Marcenaro gives the Prize to Andrea Bocelli

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